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In our community we show up to have the best conversations with our friends and to help one another succeed. This is a totally different experience and way more fun. Rarely does a day pass where I do not laugh out loud with someone who is sharing their journey with me and me with them as well as new approaches to succeed.

To continue our story what is perhaps the secret weapon of our success is our Book Arb community. It is a place where we collectively add value to one another.

It is an opportunity to grow our success with our friends. You have heard me mention our brilliant community before but since the New Year this component has kicked up another notch.

I remember years ago in my brick and mortar business dreading going to “Networking” events. You know the one where you show up and promote yourself. I did not enjoy them and used to have to force myself to go.

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Now in our community we show up to have the best conversations with our friends and to help one another succeed. This is a totally different experience and way more fun. Rarely does a day pass where I do not laugh out loud with someone who is sharing their journey with me and me with them as well as new approaches to succeed.

Our acceleration of success has been also been made possible by participating in the Group Coaching. If you have not done it yet, I highly recommend it. It is another game changer.

“Every great achiever is inspired by a great mentor.” ~ Lailah Gifty Akita

This coaching has pulled back the curtain of how the most successful members of our community are achieving their success, step by step. Where else would you get that kind of openness and generosity?

What is common practice in most business communities is the sense that others who are further ahead in their journey know something you don’t know and I suppose an understandable reluctance on their part to share too much as others are seen as competitors and not collaborators. It’s the complete opposite in our community.

The group coaching is filling in the gaps in my learning that I didn’t know I had. Every week they share specific strategies that are groundbreaking and brilliant. Whether you are starting off or a little more seasoned like myself what they share is truly eye opening.

To further layer the pillars of success since the new year some mastermind groups have formed within the overall group where we hold ourselves and each other accountable to our daily and weekly goals so there is no chance we won’t meet our targets.

“Two or more people actively engaged in the pursuit of a definite purpose with a positive mental attitude, constitute an unbeatable force.” ~ Napoleon Hill

These mastermind groups are highly focused groups that show up to give to one another and to brainstorm solutions to problems that arise in being book sellers and to share what is working well with each member.

We have attended one live meet up so far but most are online due to geography and time demands. They work extremely well in both productivity and accountability and accelerate learning and growth as you can imagine.

The momentum of being surrounded by other successful entrepreneurs who are in the same industry as ourselves has seriously accelerated our clarity and results in our business. We also trust that we are bringing that to others businesses as well as that is our intention. We always go to give.

There are still more opportunities that have developed as a result of these groups. Business partnerships have been formed that further bring more opportunities for additional income streams. Is there any end to all this goodness?

In a word no. I scratch my head at the abundance of opportunities that we have as members of this community already and they just keep expanding before us.

The success that we have created so far and the certain wealth that is being created by us daily, weekly, monthly and yearly is compounding. Our journey is getting better and better and we are having great fun along the way with amazing partners in life and wealth creation.

Next, I will share the ways in which we are changing the rules of the game for ourselves as internationals (international sellers).

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4 thoughts on “Radio Silence Up to Speed 2”

  1. Hello Yvette,

    First off I’d like to say thank you for your well written blogs about book arbitrage. I am happy for you and your success in this business.

    Secondly, I admire your will to expose this business to others, as you have mentioned many times in a couple of videos that it is a gamechanger. I strongly believe that it is as well, after my weeks of research and some action in other online businesses, this opportunity is unlike any other. And it’s simple!

    But of course, like anything else, it takes action. So I have a question for you, that I hope you can answer for me rather soon. I would really appreciate your response. Here it is…

    I understand that it takes money to make money. Believe me, I have invested in things that unfortunately haven’t worked out. I do believe in this business model however, but given the circumstances of someone who is in a bit of a hole financially, looking for a way out, are there any opportunities like financial aid, or affordable payment plans offered for this group of individuals?

    Again, I really appreciate your time, and response.

    Thank you,

    Johnny G.

    1. Hi Johnny

      Thank you for getting in touch with us.

      I appreciate your kind words about our blog. You are very kind.

      As I have stated, this business has changed our lives for real and we are enjoying this business model very much as it is so simple compared with anything else we ever did, and did plenty.

      With regard to your question regarding financial aid etc unfortunately I do not know of any financial assistance that is available. I understand your situation as it can be frustrating to create money when you are paying off other things. I have a couple of suggestions that may be helpful to you. First, you could wait a little bit until you have at least a small pot to begin with say $500-$1,000 to buy books in addition to monthly fees of $200-$240 a month for say 6 months. This is very little money to start a business with from scratch with the returns that are possible but if that is not available to you right now, then perhaps making a plan to create this could be helpful to you over the next few months. You do not want to start a new business by adding pressure or strain to your current situation.

      Second, there are many who have started this business with a small amount of money and/or put the payments on a separate credit card to get the snowball rolling. It does take off once you learn the system but again as I said, you do need a little time to build your confidence in buying the right books for your business and not have undue pressure on you as you learn.

      Do stay in touch and let us know what you decide. Remember, if you decide to go ahead now there is amazing support in the facebook community to help you or if you decide to wait a little while, this opportunity isn’t going anywhere so perhaps even 3-6 months time from now it could be a good time to jump in.

      You have found a golden opportunity to change your life. The hard part is done. Now it’s about weighing up the timing of your decision, now or later. What works best for you and your situation?
      Know that you will make the right decision either way.
      All the best

      1. I have to say. You are truly an inspiration for this business. Your story in particular, has inspired me to take action.

        Thank you for your blog, your videos, and your response. I hope to be where you and your husband are at soon. It will definitely be a gamechanger not just for me, but my wife and 3 children as well, if this all works out.

        Thank you Yvette, looking forward to some great advice from you and the FB community on my new venture.

        Best regards,

        Johnny G.

      2. Hi Johnny
        Thank you once again for your very kind words. They made my day.
        I am excited for you and your family as I know what it means to move the financial needle & to be able to really live the life of your dreams. We are in the process of creating that for ourselves and it is a great feeling. Can’t wait to read about your success and to meet you and your family. Keep in touch. Warmest regards, Yvette

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