1% Improvements

We broke down each piece of our business & asked ourselves, “how can we improve this piece of our business just 1% today?”

Hey Friends. Good to see you again. It’s been a while.

So, it turns out that my involuntary timeout has been a wonderful blessing. It gave us some time to think about our Book Arb business in a whole new way which has led us to the opportunity to systemise our business in ways we hadn’t even thought of before. Now that’s a big win!

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It’s funny how when challenges come we usually resist them. We tend to approach them like something has gone wrong when really it is just another opportunity for something to go even better – if we take the time to look for it.

When Roger Babson said the following below I think he was really onto something.

“When things goes wrong, don’t go with them.” ~ Roger Babson

We decided to take the time to think about how to make improvements on what we’ve built already.

We broke down each piece of our business & asked ourselves, “how can we improve this piece of our business just 1% today?”

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This question has revolutionized our approach & made it way easier to achieve. Think about it. If any of us make just 1% improvement on our business every day, that’s 365% improvement in our business over the next year. I’ll take that!

Typically, in life & business we are urged to take massive action to see massive results. It’s sound advice initially but it’s not sustainable unless we set up our businesses with expansion in mind.

Systemising our business means we don’t have to take more action to achieve more results, it means that adding improvements to our system 1% at a time allows it to work harder, not us.

That’s why for us considering ways that we can improve each step of our business in a 1% way feels easier, consistent & automatable. No rushing around, just consistent improvement.

We’re just building our road of gold in a 1% way every day.

“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” ~ John Wooden

So, today ask yourself how can I make improvements in my book buying, book selling, returns, tracking etc & then set about implementing them in easy ways. Then watch what happens.

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