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Never before have so many been able to do so much from home and to serve so many others.

It’s been an interesting week where it seems a whole year has happened in just one week!

In short, most of us are experiencing a new norm albeit temporarily. There are few lives that Covid-19 hasn’t touched in some way. Indeed, a member of our immediate family is in hospital with the virus & thankfully recovering nicely.woman wearing face mask

At this time most especially, it is important I think that we not only be entrepreneurs in our business but in our lives too i.e. control the things we can, adapt & adjust to the situation & look for solutions that will bring maximum benefit to ourselves & others around us.

In our book biz, it seems we are one of the fringe businesses that are poised to benefit massively as this situation is unfolding & as our world recovers from it, as it will.you got this lighted signage

In Book Arb there will be a lot of opportunities to assist people who are continuing their education, for people who will be changing careers & for those folks who are re-evaluating their lives as all these decisions are supported by the medium of books.

Knowing ahead of time what’s coming allows us to place ourselves slap bang in the middle of demand & service.

“Don’t get ready, stay ready.” ~ Will Smith

So, let’s make sure we are part of the solution by providing what people need & desire & that we are also in the position to contribute financially to others.

The best way to be of service, is to be in a strong position ourselves.

On a personal level, being in control of our minds especially when there are many changes happening around us is key.

woman draw a light bulb in white board

It may help to ask ourselves – “Is this thinking/conversation that I am currently engaged in adding to or taking away from a solution? Am I looking for a solution or perpetuating the problem?”

I urge you not to belittle your contribution even in conversations you have with yourself & those around you by saying, “What harm can this do?” We are each responsible for our own mindset & we never know the impact of what we say or do on ourselves & others.

It’s easy to get pulled into ‘fear based’ conversations. But we can make another decision & give ourselves permission to be stable, optimistic & a positive contributor in knowing that there are far more people who are well in today’s world than ill & by remembering that this too shall pass.

I have been struck & inspired by the depth of global collaboration & common purpose which has many of the best minds in the world working in harmony with one another. I love this!time for change sign with led light

Strikingly, this is something that sages, poets, politicians, musicians have been asking for, for as long as humanity has existed.

In the history of mankind there’s never been a better time to be alive, for prosperity, opportunity & education & our industry in particular encompasses all of these.

Never before have so many been able to do so much from home & to serve so many others.

Wishing you all health, happiness, & sending you my love.

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