Applying 1% Improvements

I talked a couple of weeks ago about making a 1% improvement in our businesses. Well – did you do it?

If someone asked us if we could manage a 1% improvement in our work out routine in the gym, I’m pretty sure most of us would say yes, I can do that. That might mean 1 extra sit up, one more minute on the treadmill or instead of lifting a weight 10 times, lifting it 11 times.

What if someone told you that by just doing this you could ensure phenomenal health & vitality for the rest of your life? Would you consider it & do you think it would be worth it?


It’s not saying run a marathon today, that would be hard but by just doing 1 extra repetition on something we’re already doing can make a big difference & it’s only 1% extra today. How hard is that?

“Leap off the fence of indecision. Get out of the ‘Want to Lane’ and put yourself into the ‘Got to Lane.’” ~ Gloria Mayfield Banks

I recently applied this 1% principle to my own health & the results are pretty amazing already when I consider where I started from 8 weeks ago. I tasked myself with cycling just 1 minute a day on my exercise bike. If I got on my bike for 1 minute & cycled I gave myself a tick on a chart – that’s all I had to do.

“What gets measured gets improved.” ~ Robin Sharma

I’m now up to 25 minutes a day. Had I started off with 25 minutes I could not have sustained it but now I can easily. More importantly though my habit of getting on my bike & exercising every day is locked in. Over time this one strategy will contribute to my overall health & wellness.

I really thought about my health & the strategies needed for success & then got on with applying it. As life does, it shows up to support us when we take that step.

Unexpectedly 2 world class health experts have come into my life & are working with me. I didn’t know that would happen but I just made the decision I was going to be well & every day that is coming about.


We have applied this same principle to our Book Arb business & our progress & results are rockin’. Our system & automation has increased way more than 1% & we are achieving it in an easy way by expanding on what we have done already. No rocket science or big effort required.

So today, I encourage you to think about how you can apply this very simple 1% technique for even 1 part of your business, track it & watch what happens.

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