What’s Going To Stop Me

The problem-solving skills that define us as entrepreneurs empowers us to not only succeed in business but to succeed in life.

I received a great quote today in my email that read

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” ~ Franklin D Roosevelt

Isn’t that the truth?



It’s funny how our (mine & Tom’s) work rate has not decreased in the past few weeks. Our workflow may have had to be adjusted i.e. more planning, finding alternative ways to source profitable books etc but we didn’t have any additional time off.

As we worked away in our home office, major blessing by the way, I was sometimes a little envious of our neighbours sitting outside sunbathing & having BBQ’s with time off but then I remembered why we’re doing this.

Building and refining our Book Arb business over time will allow us to sit outside & sunbathe for a lot longer than just a few weeks with the added bonus of financial security.

This is not to imply we’re better than any of our neighbours. We are just fortunate to have such a wonderful opportunity to create & to build wealth for our present & our future.

Where else in the world is it possible to create wealth starting with just $5 investments (books) & to roll it over many times in one year to create thousands of percent ROI?
To leverage a proven system from home that is highly automated, systematic in a rinse & repeat way?


That comes with a world class support system built in & twice weekly live question & answer calls? With an email support team that are successfully doing the same business independently themselves & offering expert advice & support?

I don’t know about you, but I really appreciate where we are & the jackpot we have hit with this system & community.

If there weren’t a few waves along the way, then we wouldn’t have the opportunity to enjoy the inevitable momentum that comes with riding those same waves. Those are exhilarating!

The problem-solving skills that define us as entrepreneurs empowers us to not only succeed in business but to succeed in life. Those skills spill over into our every day lives.
In other words, a win here is a win everywhere in our lives. Try that on for size.

How does it feel to have a win everywhere in your life today by showing up in your business?


I was speaking with a friend last week who said something that I thought was brilliant. She is currently entering into a new career & she said, “What’s going to stop me from doing this?” For me that is how success is achieved in one word, it is a decision!

Remember, we are not only looking for smooth seas, as lovely as those are, we are also looking for those challenges that make us flex our muscles which helps us to create more of the life we desire for ourselves.

So today, ask yourself what skill can you develop in your Book Arb biz that will bring you a step closer to living your life your way?

Think about it & then do it. You’ll thank yourself in the long run.

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