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Documenting the creation of our online-business
Buy low, sell high! Can it be that simple? Yes!
Would you believe they give you free money to build your business!
Whenever you have a question, someone will show up to answer it. I go into the group most days and
It is consciously having it all in every area of your life.
It is not rocket science. It is a paint by numbers system of buying and selling books and making a
The hardest part for us as I've said before was realising that it's easy.
Our minds are our dream makers or breakers. Having our minds tuned to expect success and happiness is the key
It is crazy fun to make money every day. I never factored that in, in the beginning just how exhilarating
The ability to clearly evaluate life's many opportunities free of my mind's negative chatter has led to me being a
Had I allowed my techno-phobia to take me out of the game before I got started then I would not
Swimming in our own lane makes for delicious progress as this way we have no competition. We only have forward
I don't know about you but working for ourselves from anywhere in the world in a business that is so
Accountability keeps us on track and is the gift that keeps on giving. Our expansion is assured because of it
Having our money work for us 365 days a year 24/7 means we no longer have to work very much
Using this system allows us to grow our inventory and thereby sales in an accelerated manner and expand our buying,
By us focusing on just 3 of the many powerful strategies in the Book Arbitrage business these small but systematically
Your mind and heart must be on your side as you create any success in life. The strategy I write
We are both aware of our strengths and weaknesses and have designed our business around us. We do what works
The steps to the magic of buying, selling and trading books easily and consistently which is the same thing as