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If you think of a business expanding 8 fold in 7 months in its first year of business it's pretty
The bottom line is, having happy customers is our rock star approach to the delivery of service and results in
Being surrounded by other leading edge creators of success in our chosen route for success ensures ongoing extraordinary results. Now
With our minds set for success and a phenomenal money making business model our success is inevitable. No stress, just
There have been many times, too many to count that members of our community have gone out of their way
When challenges come they are what is best for us i.e. learning curve, correct and continue and when triumphs come,
In our community we show up to have the best conversations with our friends and to help one another succeed.
From childhood we are all prescribed with rules to live by, be they verbal or non verbal and unless we
Repricing (selling our books) is part of our daily work flow. When we reprice our books, it keeps our books
When we do the right things in the right order it makes them well, automatic. The trouble with habits or
Lining our ducks up in a row with our daily habits simply means more progress daily, weekly, monthly & yearly.
I would ask you to reflect on where you lose your focus in your business. You will find it shows
There are many beautiful nuances to master and opportunities to grow this business that makes it fun to be where
The ability to sell lots of good quality very cheaply sourced books and to turn them over for profit just
Why struggle to figure out how to get there when someone has already walked the path you are now walking
What if instead of balking at challenges and being guarded about them we welcomed them as the next building block
So what is money anyway? Is it physical? Is it as new age people describe it - energy? Why is
It's our favourite time of year again. Textbook season. Textbooks sell all year as you know but it's bumper time
There is nothing we cannot accomplish when we become experts at what we do & continue to grow in that.
Many times in our lives we learn new things to an intellectual level and assume we know a subject inside