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My Friend, Mistakes
Ask yourself is there a benefit to embracing mistakes instead of recoiling from them? It's the same circumstance you're facing Read more.
Easy Come, Easy Go
Since profitable books come so easily, then it stands to reason that we be as easy as letting them go Read more.
Look Whose Growing..
True success for me is constant growth and having fun along the way. It's not about grinding it out, it's Read more.
Help You, Help Me
As a way of life, I go to give in every encounter & inevitably receive in return. Sometimes from that Read more.
Magic Happens
Magic happens when we take action & the most unlikely things can unfold when we don't assume otherwise. Why not Read more.
Smart Enough To Be Dumb
It's not the things in life that we don't know that thwarts our success most in my opinion. It's when Read more.
The first person we are accountable to is ourselves! It sounds obvious, but do you hold yourself accountable? Well, let's Read more.