Happy Customers, Bottom Line

The bottom line is, having happy customers is our rock star approach to the delivery of service and results in our lives. Our store is growing and so are our ideas on how we can best serve. That’s thriving in our book!

“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.” – Michael LeBoeuf

When it comes to best business practice, having happy customers as a goal is unbeatable and automatically blows the competition out of the water i.e. meaning you will not have competition because your focus will be set on what you can give, not on what you can get.

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When that is your vision, you cannot fail because you will pursue excellence and continue to be innovative in your service. When your bottom line is adding value to your customers they will automatically add value to your bottom line of fulfilment of purpose and of course financial rewards.

With book arbitrage we see our goal as sourcing great quality used books at great prices for our customers. We insist on selling only really good quality used books and return any books that don’t meet that criteria back to the sellers.

We pay extra to have our books checked for quality and improve and upgrade them where possible so that our customers enjoy a better quality book and experience. We enjoy phenomenal partnerships with our book prep centres who are as dedicated to great service as we are.

We strive to deliver the best we can at all times. Even when sometimes things go wrong outside of our power. For instance, just yesterday an unhappy customer contacted us to complain quite rightly that they had paid extra to have their book delivered with next day shipping.

It did not arrive on time. They asked to be reimbursed for the additional shipping. We promptly reimbursed them not only with the additional shipping but also with the cost of the book with our compliments. We value the experience our customers have with our store.

It’s probably safe to assume that this customer may return at a later date and choose our store over another, however, for us, knocking the ball out of the park as a standard operating procedure ensures that excellence is our modus operandi and that we are delivering on our commitment.

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.”   ~ Albert Einstein.

Having a higher vision for our book store makes these decisions easy and automatic. The cost of the book for us in this instance is minuscule compared with a happy customer. We are in charge of what we deliver. Period.

Having this approach has ensured that not only are our customers happy, but we enjoy a great quality of life because every day we are involved in a business that is of value and service to others which is thriving. What price can we put on that?

The bottom line is, having happy customers is our rock star approach to the delivery of service and results in our lives. Our store is growing and so are our ideas on how we can best serve. That’s thriving in our book!

Next, I will discuss the power of being surrounded by others who are striving to be the best in their lives too and how that inspires us to reach higher with our goals – business and personal.

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The Journey Begins

Documenting the creation of our online-business

Thanks for joining us!

The purpose of this blog is to document and create an easy path for others to follow who choose to create financial freedom through book arbitrage (buy books low and sell them high). My name is Yvette and I am married to Tom and we are successfully buying, trading & selling books on Amazon.JM4J8177BW

A little bit about us. We live in Ireland and have been married for 22 years. Tom works in broadcasting and my background is in personal development and serial if unsuccessful entrepreneurship. That was until last October.

“Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter”   ~ Izaak Walton ~

We began our journey into book arbitrage and book trading after watching a webinar. So, what made this opportunity different from the many hundreds of emails promising financial freedom? Intuition and the guys themselves, Jon Shugart & Luke Sample. Previously, I had vowed that after a litany of failures in on-line business that it would take something really special to get me to saddle up again and this is that something special.

Over the years I trusted the sales person on the other end of the email, who promised an easy certain way to create financial freedom, but with no success. If that has been your story, then I can relate. However, I am happy to report that those days of disappointment are behind me and we are now in the exciting process of creating financial freedom and forever money for our families.

There is an unnecessary indignity experienced by those who cannot pay their bills on an ongoing basis that is very familiar to me. Maybe you know that all too well yourself. You are doing everything right and trying to pay your bills but it’s not enough. It’s not that you can’t afford a second holiday for the year, it’s that the bailiffs are coming to your door and you have no way of paying them. You are faced with another week of adding water to your stews to have another dinner for yourself and your partner.

When this is your experience for years, your lifetime and not a temporary dip your soul can feel suffocated and your dreams lie in shatters. Especially when you know that the only thing between you and financial magic is mindset and the right opportunity. Welcome home if that is your story. You could be about to write the dynamic chapter in the financial section of your biography.

Further on I will explain in detail what book arbitrage is and how we make money with it in step by step ways. I will share the mistakes we’ve made and the highs we experience as we make money with certainty from the comfort of our home, scale our business and create the life of our dreams.

So why blog about it? In short, because part of our purpose, mine and Tom’s is to empower others to create real world financial security. The best way we know to do that is self-creation and with book arbitrage as long as you have a computer and an open mind you can do it.  We love that. The reason we resonate so deeply with Jon and Luke is because of that common goal and in other blogs I will share how they have gone out of their way, in quiet ways to help us personally.

For the record, myself or Tom have not designed this training or software. That is what Jon and Luke have done. We are happy to ride on the shoulders of giants to facilitate our financial goals and to be the catalyst for you to reach yours. Our mission is to empower you to create the life of your dreams with the financial part taken care of through book arbitrage. We actively work on 13 different areas of our lives, more on that another time. Book arbitrage with the software the guys provide is the fastest and most successful way we have found to move the needle in the financial part of our lives with almost no capital and to scale it to unbelievable heights. Are we there yet? No. Are we on our way? Definitely.

Let me be clear. We have added an affiliate link below and should you feel inspired to purchase this software and training and change your life we would be very thankful for your trust. Beyond the bottom line of euro and dollar amount it is amazing to be creating our own financial destiny – at last and to empower you to benefit from the same opportunities and for you to gain from our experience is the holy grail of service and fulfilment.

What you can expect here is our full commitment in blogging our experience (mistakes and victories), blogs on mindset which keep us on track in an easy manner. The mindset piece proves key as we meet challenges along the way as we expand our definition of who we are and the expectations that we miss, meet and/or exceed. Also, we are happy to share tips and tricks we wish we had known early on as well as screenshots of our milestones along the way.

Welcome to the part of your life that could read LIFE CHANGE in a big way should you decide to come along and join us on our journey to financial happiness.

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