Do Not Quit!

If you haven’t yet achieved the kind of success you would like to then think about adjusting your system. A couple of tweaks can make a big difference.

I got an inspirational note in my email the other day & I immediately thought of us as entrepreneurs in our community.

It said,

“Reset. Readjust. Restart. Refocus. As many times as you need to. Just don’t quit.”

Because this is a system that really works, remember most people can’t even make a sale online let alone profits, and we have all either experienced personally or witnessed gladly wild profitable success in our community, it is important to move through any feelings of being uncomfortable about not quite knowing what you’re doing – yet. The more you do this business, the better you get at it.


Remember, if one person can make this work, then so can you! And we have tons of people in here having success.

It may also be helpful to think about the kind of success you’d like to achieve & what you need to do to achieve that. I mean really think about it!

If you haven’t yet achieved the kind of success you would like to, and assuming you’re not brand new to this currently setting up your system, then think about adjusting your system. A couple of tweaks can make a big difference.

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” ~ John Wooden

It’s easy to form habits of doing things in a certain way & then just continuing to do them the same way over & over. For example, could you review the way you are buying books & add even one new kind of search every week.

When you learned to drive, you learned to systemise it even if you didn’t think about it that way. But you got in the car every day, turned the key, checked your mirrors etc until you didn’t have to even think about it. It wasn’t automatic at first. It was probably clumsy but it became automatic.

When it came to driving you didn’t quit & say I can’t do it, you saw that just about all adults around you drive so you expected to drive & knew you’d get better at it. You just accepted it. You created a system to be a successful driver & now you can drive anywhere you’d like to go.


Book Arb is exactly the same thing. You are learning to create money & profits on auto pilot.

So today, think about the ways you can repeat effective moves over & over & see where you drive this business.

Hint – anywhere you’d like to go.

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The first person we are accountable to is ourselves! It sounds obvious, but do you hold yourself accountable? Well, let’s see…..

“In life we can have results or reasons. If you are not getting the results you want, your reasons are the lies that you keep telling yourself.” ~ Harald Anderson

When things are going well, do you take the credit for your life, your happiness, your success? Yes, I hear you say.


When things are not going so well do you equally take the credit for your life, your unhappiness, your lack of desired results? The answer is (needs to be) yes for this too.

Many times we’ll take responsibility/credit when things go well but if things are not turning out as intended then it’s easy for our minds to blame something/somebody else, even a little bit as we lick our wounds.

All day long, we can usually find someone to agree that it’s not fair etc & if only this or that hadn’t happened….Sound familiar?

As with everything else, accountability begins at home – with ourselves.

Once we use the power of accountability for ourselves then we are in the position to join an accountability group, which in our experience, has had a profoundly powerful effect on our book arb business.

Every two weeks we meet online & discuss our wins, our challenges & brainstorm ways to solve those challenges in a spirit of collaboration, support, fun & getting results!

It is mighty for momentum, inspiration & it’s another level of holding ourselves accountable to ourselves & others.


When you tell someone else what you’re going to do, it really does make you step up your game because you’ve said out loud what you’re going to do & you have to answer why you didn’t.

Wow, it’s confronting & inspirational when you create the right group of people around you that know your potential & cheer & gently challenge every step of the way to achieve your goals.

Being in an accountability group also allows for constant motion & momentum forward toward overall goals as these are achieved by attaining mini goals all along the way.

Another benefit too is that each others success breathes more success which breathes more success lol!

The collective expectation then enhances not only individual success but group success & voila….the circle of success is created!

Because our community is chock full of inspired entrepreneurs building the same business as ourselves it is easy to find & create a group for success around ourselves.

It’s yet another great reason that our business model works. There is massive collaboration in every success story, who wouldn’t desire that?

Next week, I’ll talk about the hot seasons for buying & selling for continuous success!

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Look Whose Growing..

True success for me is constant growth and having fun along the way. It’s not about grinding it out, it’s about playful creation at it’s core.

“Income seldom exceeds personal development.” ~ Jim Rohn

In order to grow your business you must grow yourself simultaneously alongside it to continue your success.

backlit clouds dawn dusk

Your business success cannot exceed your knowledge or your abilities. I mean that just makes sense when you think about it.

You are the driver of the train. If you do not know that there are more miles that you can travel, you will stop at the next station thinking you’ve arrived.

Personal development however, allows you to see your journey ahead from a bird’s eye view & the expanded track beyond the next station before you is obvious.

Additionally, personal development doesn’t just allow you to form a bigger vision & achieve it, it saves you time & money enroute as Brian Tracy suggests

“Personal development is a major time-saver. The better you become, the less time it takes you to achieve your goals.”

So now it’s just not a wishy washy new age concept anymore. It’s a necessary business strategy to ensure we achieve the kind of success that we are capable of.

In book arbitrage beyond the mechanics of day-day buying & selling books which only takes a couple of months to learn really, or it did me at any rate, the most important skill I continue to learn is how to expand where I am now to create more value & more profit.

If I was not continuing on my journey of personal development this would not be possible or achievable.

I would not be asking myself those questions nor would I be comfortable challenging myself into new places.


True success for me then is constant growth & having fun along the way. It’s not about grinding it out, it’s about playful creation at it’s core.

We are inherently creative beings & coming from this place means we are open & playful & that’s how seemingly magical opportunities show up. Now that’s a hoot!

It’s never been as easy as it is today to listen to & read about success. It has become part of mainstream culture & is everywhere.

It could be a good idea then to listen to 10-15 minutes of inspirational material every day before listening to your favourite hits on your phone.

This one small change in your habit could ensure constant forward motion & this is how success is won – one piece at a time.

Next, I will discuss the importance of asking for help when you need it & how to do it….

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